joi, 13 mai 2010

Sange Vienez--Opera Iasi

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    Oh mystical East, on old postcards
    Your childhood dreams and energies.
    Your temple's gardens, old world charm,
    An ancient culture, torn and scarred.

    This is my Western promise.

    Oh mystical East, you've lost your way,
    Your rising sun shall rise again.
    My Western world gives out her hand,
    A victor's help to your fallen land.

    This is my Western promise.

    Mystical East, all taxi-cabs,
    All ultra-neon, sign of the times.
    Your Buddha Zen and Christian man,
    All minions to messiah Pepsi can.

    This is my Western promise.

  2. Genial Lucian:

    Excelentes fotos de la Ópera.
    Dime los artistas posaron para tí?
    La que me llamó la atención es la número once( el instrumento caído en el piso cerca del atril)
    y me gustó mucho.

    Un abrazo